• Veterans Memorial Plaza
  • Veterans Memorial Plaza
  • Veterans Memorial Plaza
  • Veterans Memorial Plaza
  • Veterans Memorial Plaza
  • Veterans Memorial Plaza

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Veterans Memorial Plaza

Carrollton, Texas

The Veterans Memorial Plaza is a brand new park located in Carrollton Texas that is designed to honor veterans who have served globally in all branches of the military. This memorial showcases where specific conflicts occured by featuring a large floor-level concrete map of the world with bronze stars in places that signify the major wars. The park also features a raised portion of the map where Washington D.C. resides (as signified by an American Flag), where visitors can view the entire map from an elevated area (

Texas Bomanite was brought into this special project to provide the entire floor-level concrete map of the continents, along with the star decoration within the map. This project consisted of 3040 sqft of Bomanite Sandscape finished in Refined Antico with a Sandblast finish on the continents. We tinted the map using a Con-Color Stain in Buckskin.

“The purpose of the Veterans Memorial Plaza is to remember and honor those men and women who served and sacrificed in defense of our great nation while we educate future generations about the courage and valor exhibited by these veterans,” Mayor Kevin Falconer said (

This project’s general contractor was Quick Set Concrete. For more information about the Plaza, please visit