• Charter Oak Elementary
  • Charter Oak Elementary
  • Charter Oak Elementary
  • Charter Oak Elementary
  • Charter Oak Elementary
  • Charter Oak Elementary

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Charter Oak Elementary

Belton, Texas

Charter Oak Elementary is the 10th elementary school campus to open in Belton ISD. Right in time for the back-to-school rush, it had its grand opening August 2019 and has welcomed thousands of eager elementary students through its doors already.

Texas Bomanite worked on all polished concrete flooring throughout the school. Skudo HT Commercial System was used to protect the slab prior to the arrival of the Texas Bomanite polishing crews. The polish system used was a combination of Ameripolish 3DHS (as a densifier) and Ameripolish 3D SP (as a guard/stain protector).

Decorative sawcuts and colors were dispersed throughout the flooring design. Decorative sawcuts, made at 1/8” wide X 1/8” deep, were installed at all color changes in the polished concrete. The colors applied during the polishing process were Bomanite Concord Blue, Maple Syrup, Root Beer and Roasted Pepper. The final finish on the concrete was a Level 1 – 400 Grit and a Class A – Cream Finish (with no Aggregate Exposure).

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