• Chase Bank Building
  • Chase Bank Building
  • Chase Bank Building

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Chase Bank Building

Richardson, Texas

In 2006, Texas Bomanite contracted with FOBARE Commercial to polish the lobby area of the Chase Bank Building at 100 N. Central Expressway in Richardson. The existing lobby floors were concrete which had been maintained with an acrylic sealing system. The requirements of the project were to install a Bomanite Patene Teres Polished Floor. This involved grinding, honing and staining the floor utilizing penetrating densifiers and stain guards. While the completed polished floors looked similar to the previously sealed finish, they now required far less maintenance.

Fast forward to April of 2013, while the polished floors have performed very well over the past 7 years, they were beginning to show signs of wear. This wear is exhibited in the form of a dulling of the surface and loss of sheen. This is normal for polished concrete floors.FOBARE contacted Texas Bomanite to “reset” the floors. Resetting the polished floors involved rehoning the floor with the last 3 or 4 steps of the process and reapplying the stain guard chemical. The real advantage of this process is realized in the cost to perform it.FOBARE was able to deliver to their owners and tenants a restored concrete floor for approximately 1/3 the cost of the original installation. This unique characteristic of polished concrete floors is one of the reasons so many in the design community are embracing its use.