Texas Bomanite

Cowboys Stadium

Arlington, Texas

Bomanite® Exposed Aggregate Systems revive a long-standing decorative paving tradition with an exciting new twist using innovative systems, modernized mix designs and unlimited color options. These new products and techniques are changing the look, life and future of exposed aggregate hardscapes, while offering a cost-effective alternative to other paving options. Completed in 2009, Cowboys Stadium is a prime example of how the Exposed Aggregate System can be a durable and beautiful paving option. Sandscape Texture and Revealed Systems by Bomanite are housed within the Exposed Aggregate Systems category. Sandscape Texture is designed for outdoor applications where an alternative to a conventional concrete finish is required. Using advanced application procedures and specialized mix designs, Sandscape Texture is a green, consistent alternative to sand-blasted concrete. It can also incorporate light fast colored sands and/or natural graded aggregates in the concrete mix to achieve a broader palette of color. The modified Sandscape Texture portion of the Cowboys Stadium project utilized a dark gray to black Basalt aggregate in the mix. Additional aggregate of the same type and size was seeded on top of the concrete to improve distribution. Unlike a limestone or marble aggregate, Basalt is a hard, abrasive-resistant aggregate that is not subject to degradation due to acid exposure. This made it ideal for the highly trafficked areas surrounding the stadium. The balance of the project was broom-finished with areas of both un-colored and light gray-colored concrete. The entire hardscape package was completed in five months with as many as 20,000 feet of decorative concrete being poured per day to stay on schedule! Revealed by Bomanite also falls into the Exposed Aggregate Systems category. It is a sustainable concrete system that incorporates unique aggregates and color blending processes with the traditional technology of exposing aggregates to create highly decorative hardscape installations. Revealed is placed over freshly poured concrete with the surface exposed to reveal the aggregates within. These highly durable surfaces are available in a multitude of standard and custom options including light-reflective formulations that reduce heat island effect, providing for many sustainable paving options. The Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems are applied by specially trained and licensed Bomanite Contractors, ensuring consistent quality in every application.