Texas Bomanite

Goody Goody

Dallas, Texas

Opened in 1964, Goody Goody serves as a one-stop shop for spirited celebrations in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston and Longview areas of Texas.  With nearly 20 locations and counting, its newest location is located at 7729 Garland Road in Dallas at White Rock Lake. 

The City of Dallas required pervious pavement due to the store being in the White Rock Lake flood plain, so in collaboration with The Munir Group Commercial Construction, we provided 6,200 SF of Grasscrete void-structured concrete in the parking area.  Grasscrete provides a functional and attractive solution to all kinds of drainage and run-off issues, as well as an environmentally-friendly option in lieu of traditional non-pervious pavements. 

We loved the way this project turned out!  For more information on general contractor, The Munir Group, visit themunirgroup.com.  For more information about Goody Goody, visit goodygoody.com.